Clerks 3 and Mallrats 2 out, Jay And Silent Bob: Reboot in.

For a while now, Kevin Smith has been trying to get two projects off the ground. Both are sequels to two of his better movies. But, seeing as he does not own the rights to Clerks or Mallrats, he had to try to get them made through their respective studios. There for a while, Clerks seemed like it was going to happen. It had funding and everyone was on board. Then everything fell through. According to the recent episode of Smodcast, a podcast that has him talking to his long-time friend and producer, he told the story of why Clerks 3 won’t be happening.

Turns out, one of the four leads dropped out at the last minute. No real specifics were given, and no names were thrown out, but you could tell that he was upset about it. In the podcast, he stated that they had a script, a budget, and were almost ready to begin filming.

Mallrats 2 is a slightly different story. Again, people were behind it. Willing to help fund it. Only this was going to be a television series. After writing the scripts and securing the main cast, it was time to shop it out to all the usual suspects like Netflix. Apparently, everyone passed on it. Let’s face it, it is a sequel to a movie that is twenty years old at this point.

So, that’s it. No Clerks 3 and no Mallrats 2. But, do not fear Askewniverse fans. There is a glimmer of hope in the distance. Smith, not rolling over and giving up, set out for a new project. Announced through Facebook and Smodcast, fans got the announcement that his new project would be Jay and Silent Bob: Reboot. A movie that will see the pair of lovable, foul-mouthed duo travel to Hollywood to stop the reboot of Bluntman and Chronic, the very movie they set out to stop in the original.

Smith promises that the sequel will be very tongue and cheek, and also a meta look at the Hollywood system of today, that’s hellbent on rebooting every comic book movie franchise whenever they can. I personally look forward to the movie and hope that its a return to form for the filmmaker. Here is hoping that the adventures of Jay and Silent Bob stopping the making of Bluntman V Chronic deliver on the laughs.

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