Please allow me to introduce myself…

Hello, all. My name is Gary Gallimore, and for the better part of a decade now, I’ve worked in a medical laboratory. I write procedure manuals for laboratory workflow and such. I know, it’s super exciting.

I find myself oddly drawn to the things in which I do not believe, such as the paranormal, UFO’s and other conspiracy theories. I also find myself completely fascinated with the psychology of politics and serial killers.

On a daily basis, I find my mind wandering to anything and everything other than what I am supposed to be focused on at the moment. Thanks, ADHD!

If stranded on a desert island, the three movies I would bring with me are: TMNT-1990, King Kong-1933, and Clerks from the time that Kevin Smith cared. After I watched those movies until I can no longer stand it, I would take a nice long walk into the middle of the ocean. Because, c’mon, how many times can you watch even your favorite movies until even they become a chore and you can’t find the strength to press play anymore?

I’m very happy to be part of the relaunch team of The Harrow, and I hope that at least one person out there enjoys my stream of consciousness.

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