Allow me to reintroduce myself. . .

My name is Arlen Harrow I spent two years on a local College News Paper as an Editor, Managing Editor and Editor in Chief. Now the Editor in Chief and founding writer on The Harrow.

On a desert Island, I would bring the films Thief, Young Frankenstein, and The Thing seeing as Film is my first love above all else.

You should know I think about Lt. Columbo and the actor Peter Falk daily. Also a little obsessed with Jess Abbott and Vincent D’onofrio .  Also, I am in a constant state of asking myself whether or not Keanu Reeves is the worst or best actor of all time.

You can find me elsewhere by searching for Arlen Harrow or Lt. Space Columbo.

My Other Blog 

And now we relaunch this blog with dreams of growing into a team that still plans on growing. This the beginning of The Harrow Year 2

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