Hello Again!

Hello dear readers,

Feeling some deja-vu here? Well let me re-introduce myself- I’m Tayo and I’m the managing director of this amazing group of people and the one British guy in this group of Americans. I mainly write about comics, if you like my style you can find my stuff by following the account that I’m using to write this or my twitter: @NaijaScrublord. Anyway, I hope that you’ll enjoy my work and my style.

Cheero! *sips tea*

And here is my Q+A Session:

Experience as a writer or as a person?

My experience is writing a load of poetry, sporadically writing in my school newspaper, blogging with little success and of course writing for the glorious bastion of journalism which is The Harrow.

Fictional Character you are most like?

I’d say that I’m like Old Man Logan, a grumpy mofo with an anger issue trying to be a nice guy who’s problems keep coming back to haunt him

Biggest weird obsession?

My weird obsession is true crime, the 10 podcasts don’t lie!

Favorite entertainment medium?

Mine is comic books because look at the pretty pictures!

If you had to choose a body part to lose, what would you pick and why?

I’d lose my appendix because loophole bitches!

What film/Franchise do you think about daily?

The film I think about the most is Guardians of the Galaxy because that soundtrack is forever on my mind.


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