Kept you waiting huh?

Cosmic Ocelot (a.k.a. Hunter Davenport) is here! I’m gonna take you for a wild ride! You might be wondering who I am. Well, the most I can tell you is that I spend a lot of time living and breathing nerd culture. I play video games, watch movies, and read comic books. This stuff is my lifeblood. I’m not here to talk about movies or comic books for that matter. I am here to talk about my very first love: Video Games. I have been playing video games since I was five years old. My very first video game was Batman Forever on the Sega Genesis (yes, I was a Sega kid, My dark secret has been revealed).

Ever since I turned on that Sega Genesis I have been hooked. In fact, the reason I am here is because I love video games so much that I want to share my thoughts on them with you. Well, not only my thoughts but my experiences with them as well. Video Games are the only form of media where you form your own experience within its world. I want to share with you, my thoughts and my emotions playing a game rather than just slap an arbitrary score at the end of a long-winded article. I firmly believe that every experience in life is worth reflecting on and I am really excited to finally share with others what my opinions are on something I genuinely love.

Prior to this gig, I started a podcast called The Phantom Zone Podcast with a few other members on this site. I am also the original creator of the Facebook group: The Phantom Zone.


Biggest weird obsession?

Monster Comics. Which is quite weird to everyone else for some reason. I find horror comics work best when they embrace the absurdity of the world they exist in. Marvel is especially good at this.

Fictional Character You’re Most Like?

The narcissist in me wants to say Han Solo but I know a few people who would disagree so I am gonna go ahead and say, Matt Murdock. AKA Daredevil

Favorite Entertainment Medium?

Video Games and Comic Books. I really like my fiction to be absurd and over the top.

Film/Franchise Thought About Daily?

I am a huge Capcom fan so I am gunna cheat and say the Capcom Universe. I think Capcom has built the most interesting world in the history of video games

Well, folks, I would love to stay and chat more but I have hit the old dusty trail. So little time, so many games to play. See you later!

Best Body Part to Lose?

A leg. Gotta get that parking spot bro.

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