A Wild Mike Has Appeared!

Let’s get down to bizness! I’m Magic Mike “The Bizness Man” Bizier and I enjoy spicy food, rock and roll shows, and of course that interactive form of audio/visual media known as video games. I live in the good ol’ state of New Hampshire, which some of you may know as the “Live Free or Die” state. How free are we? Free enough to be the only state in the US where you can legally drive without a seat belt! Honestly, does it get more free than that?  Anyway I’m here to tell you all about my gaming background and other cool projects I’m involved in so let’s get to it!


As free as it gets

Back in the day my dad worked for NEC so the Turbo Grafx was my entry point to the wonderful world of video games. The minute I was pooped on by a bird in JJ and Jeff I knew I had found a lifelong hobby. From there I bounced around to all the cartoony mascot platformers and couch multiplayer games of the Sega Genesis, N64, and PlayStation. For a while I thought of video games either as a fun form of escapism, or a competitive arena to duke it out with friends.  Then in 1998, a game came out that not only rocked the industry, but molded me into the gamer I am today. That game was Metal Gear Solid.


Things sure have changed since 1998

Even at 6 years old, I knew Metal Gear Solid was something special. Many of its larger themes flew way over my head at the time, but I was completely blown away by its dazzling cut scenes and emotional voice acting. I can go on and on all day about why I love this game, but I’d hate to bore you. Basically Metal Gear Solid showed me that games  have the potential to be the most engaging form of storytelling on the planet, fostering a strong preference for single player narrative driven experiences. Metal Gear Solid was my gateway to games like Fallout, The Witcher, and God of War and I will love it till the day I die.

Single Player

Who needs friends anyway?

My passion for video games inspired me to start podcasting with my very good friend Aneudys  Tejeda Cruz. A few years ago we started up a totally professional podcast called Wicked Pixelated where we give our thoughts on the latest and greatest in video game news. In 2017 we even flew out to E3 to rub elbows with company reps and really get our names out there. We’ve been on a bit of a hiatus due to work and time zone differences but we will be back so stay tuned! Through Wicked Pixelated, Aneudys and I have met a ton of really awesome and equally passionate gamers, eventually leading us to this amazing opportunity here at Los Harrow.

Me and Crash

Still one of the best days of my life

I think that about sums me up. I look forward to writing even more stuff and joining in on some Los Harrow podcasts!