That one person who’s way too young?

Have you ever looked at someone and said to yourself, “god damn” because that’s unequivocally me. Full of angst, anxiety and sarcastic overtones, I’ll charm your pants up higher than your grandfather.

If you have a desire to know my interests they are, Punk music, Hip-Hop, DC Comics, PlayStation/retro gaming,  Journalism,  and poetry. I don’t have a preference when it comes to movies, though, I can watch just about anything, from Jubilee to Batman V. Superman (which is a good movie OK?!) I love it all. I also love Musicals but I doubt that will come up in our nerdy little discussions (possible review of Backstagers??) as I think I’m the odd one out on that front.

If you want someone who will share a slightly different perspective in the fun nerdy echo chamber of The Harrow read some of my soon to be existent articles about how much I will fight you about how Cool Superman is and why 300 is extremely gay. Expect nothing but the worst from me.


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