LHG Episode 27: Rage 2 is Pretty Good, Fallout 76 Might Not Be Terrible, and Sony and Microsoft Just Ended the Console Wars


Welcome back to the podcast! This week Allan and Emmett are here to discuss what they’ve been playing. This week Al talks about revisiting Far Cry: New Dawn and Fallout 76. Emmett talks about Energy Cycle, his newly purchased Titanfall 2 Collector’s Edition, and Rage 2.

In the news, we go in depth on the news that Treyarch will takeover 2020’s Call of Duty game and the news of Microsoft and Sony teaming up to share cloud streaming technologies.

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Check out this week’s PlayStation All-Stars Ultimate Roster Showdown!
Here’s our roundtable on what canceled games we wish existed!
Aye yo, look. It’s Allan’s review of Life is Strange Season 2 Ep 1!

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