Adventures in Depression: What I Watch or Listen to When I’m Depressed (Adventures in Depression)

Depression sucks. There aren’t many ways to say it. It creeps up on you and sticks around like a bad president that you wake up every morning hoping it was all a nightmare. But, it never is and it has you in it’s grasp for the foreseeable future. When the depression infiltrates your brain and every waking thought, it can be difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel. The best we can hope to do in those times is make it out of the other side alive.

When I get depressed I look for a distraction – something to take my mind off of all the things that my brain is telling me that I’ve done horribly or fucked up beyond saving. I’m looking for something to save me from the thoughts that I’m not good enough for anything or anyone.

For those reasons, I stay away from plot and story driven entertainment because, let’s face it, that brain space is already being occupied by all the worst thoughts I can possibly have. I know that eliminates most things like movies, video games, books, and most television. But, I’ve found my depression salvation through YouTube, podcasts, and even some television shows.

Without further padding of my word count, here is what I watch to take my mind off of the soul crushing depression:


  1. Red Letter Media (YouTube):

redletterRed Letter Media is a YouTube channel about movies. Good movies and bad movies alike, are discussed at great length. What makes it a good watch is that it is full of humor. From their show Half in the bag, where they talk about recently released movies to Best of the Worst, in which they watch the bottom of the barrel B movies, they bring knowledge of film and humor.  They’re also the group responsible for the Mr. Plinkett videos in which he hilariously takes down the Star Wars prequels.

They make me laugh, and that would be enough, but they’re also talking about things that I love. That’s always a welcome distraction.

Check them out here.


2. My Favorite Murder (podcast):


My Favorite Murder is a podcast that’s, well, about murder. I know it sounds depressing, and to be fair, the subject of murder is. However, the two hosts bring a lot of humor to the show. Never at the expense of the victims and never in a way that feels like they are making light of the subject matter. Their chemistry and banter really make this a podcast that true crime fans and just fans of comedy can flock to and enjoy. The reason this is a good one for me is because it reminds me to find something to laugh about even in the darkest of times.

My Favorite Murder’s website

3. Last Podcast on the Left (podcast):


Last Podcast on the Left is admittedly not for everyone. Much like My Favorite Murder, they talk about murder and death. However, they also talk more than just that. They cover serial killers, hauntings, cults, the occult, alien abductions, and anything else you can think of in the vein of the dark and weird. Like I said, they may not be for everyone. Their humor is vulgar and even goes to the inappropriate at times. But, you can tell that their hearts are in the right place and that they treat everything they cover with fascination and respect. If you can handle some offensive jokes from time to time, this is a great podcast.

Check these guys out here


4. Cutthroat Kitchen (television):


Anyone that knows me, knows that I absolutely love Alton Brown and anything he is associated with. Cutthroat Kitchen is just a show of pure fun and hilarity. Four contestants compete for money, which is typical of any show like this. What sets this apart is that they bid on sabotages for the other contestants. Its always funny to watch someone try to bake a professional looking dish, while only being able to use egg shells. The bulk of the humor comes from Alton himself. The man is a born entertainer, but not in the gross way like Justin Bieber. He is hilarious, charismatic, and very knowledgeable of food science. Those factors make him nothing less than a pure joy to watch.

This can be watched on


Basically, I watch whatever doesn’t make me think too much. I try to keep away from anything that makes me dwell on things. These are the main four things that I binge while depressed. Believe it or not, they really help. They make me laugh and give me a slight reprieve from how overwhelming depression can be.

But, these things can’t work on their own. I also have family and friends. I talk to a doctor and I take medication. If you are feeling depressed, don’t let it fester. Don’t let it be the end to your story. There is always someone that cares or that needs you. So, if you ever get too depressed and are feeling suicidal, be sure to contact 1-800-273-8255.



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