Mister Miracle #1 Review

(W) Tom King

(A) Mitch Gerards

(L) Clayton Cowles


Mister Miracle is a new limited (12-issue) series from DC, about the New God who can escape anything – Scott Free aka Mister Miracle!

As always, I’ll begin with the writing. The issue starts (and ends) with some classic narration, harkening back to the style of Kirby in a fantastic way. This book is insane. I can’t really give you a good idea of what was going on because it’s just so damn surreal. This feeling is just compounded by the events being interceded by panels that merely have a black background and white text saying ‘Darkseid Is’. It’s completely impossible to have a complete grasp of what’s real and what’s not.and that’s the beauty of it. Despite this confusion, you still want to keep reading to find out exactly where this goes. Even the character of Scott Free is open to interpretation in this book – is he a master escapist trying to master death? Or is he a broken man just trying to die? Whichever interpretation you take, it’s clear that all is not well with Scott Free.

The book’s art is what takes the issue from something great to something incredible, Gerards’ artwork on this book is outstanding. There are some massive risks taken throughout the book that you pretty much never see in a Big Two comic and they all hit the mark. You’ve got tape marks, distortions and even a double-page spread looking like a piece of pop art, this variation is a massive part of what gives the book such a surreal feeling. Beyond that, the colours set the tone of each scene and the panel composition is brilliant.

In the end, all I can say is – GO BUY THIS BOOK! (though you may have to wait for a second printing).



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