DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Producers Want Matt Ryan’s John Constantine

Ever since 2014 fans of the cancelled show “Constantine” have been trying to get the show back on the small screen. One of the things, or perhaps THE biggest things people loved about the show was the portrayal of John Constantine by Matt Ryan. Months after Constantine was cancelled by NBC the character appeared on Arrow, again played by Ryan. A year later there was an animated adaptation of the New 52 title Justice League Dark with Matt Ryan returning to voice the iconic character. A short time after it was announced there would be a Constantine animated series on The CW App/CWSeed in the same style as the Vixen animated series. Now it appears that there was ANOTHER series that wanted Ryan’s Constantine: Legends of Tomorrow.

IGN is reporting that during the Television Critics Association summer press event, Phil Klemmer relayed that they are “actively campaigning” to get Matt Ryan on the show. Klemmer never mentioned whether it was convincing Matt Ryan or the executives to bring the character onto the show.

Source: Newsarama


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