Old Man Logan #25

(W) Ed Brisson

(A) Mike Deodato Jr

(CA) Frank Martin

(L) VC’s Cory Petit

It’s the first issue of Brisson’s run and he’s bringing something awesome to the table. The arrival of Maestro on the scene really shakes things up, along with a whole load of Hulks (a recurring theme in this book). This issue has both awesome action and the sort of set-up needed to establish the direction of this new arc, it manages to re-use the old characters of the Hulk Gang in a new and innovative way. Alongside that, the sheer brutality of this issue’s action scenes is awesome, almost harkening back to the crazy amount of gore in the original run.

The artwork on this issue is incredible, Deodato’s art and Martin’s colours propel this book onto another level, the rough feel of the art really suits this book, somehow managing to be rough but beautiful at the same time. Beyond that the layouts in this issue are so unique and awesome. One of the main reasons why I enjoyed the previous run on this book was Sorrentino and Maiolo’s artwork and this issue disappoint in that department.

This issue was absolutely incredible and leaves many interesting questions to be answered and there is little to fault here, all I can say is that there’s a wild ride ahead.



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