Nintendo E3 Spotlight Wrap-up/Review

We start with a competitive gaming ad for the Switch featuring attractive young people playing multiplayer games all over the place, this also revealed the awesome announcement that Rocket League is coming to Switch, it perfectly fits the system so this was nice.

We then get to Reggie getting real deep about why we love video games, I’m gonna be honest I laughed a little but it was still kind of cute, I have a ton of love in my heart for the living meme that is Reggie. Anywho this was followed up by a trailer for Xenoblade Chronicles 2 which looks lovely, and despite my doubts is still on track for a 2017 release. Next up is another trailer this time for a brand new Kirby game for the Switch coming in 2018, as per usual it looks cute as all hell and this one has a fun little mechanic where you can recruit enemies and combine abilities with theirs to create fusion abilities, so that seems neat.

Next up Shinya Takahashi pops in to say he is relieved by the fact that gamers have taken to the Switch. The fact that even Nintendo is honestly surprised at the Switch’s success is kind of adorable. Following this, we have Tsunekazu Ishihara of the Pokemon company who talks a bit about Pokken Tournament DX, before dropping the bombshell that Gamefreak is developing a MAIN SERIES POKEMON RPG FOR THE SWITCH!!!! It probably won’t be released for over a year but still A MAIN SERIES POKEMON RPG FOR THE SWITCH!!! I AM SO DAMN HAPPY.

Ahem, anyway we head back to Takahashi who emphasizes that this showcase is for 2017 games…which is then followed by two games not for 2017 (At this point I swear Nintendo is just purposefully trolling for the sake of it) The first of these two games is…FREAKING METROID PRIME 4! It’s just a logo and a statement that it is in development but still AMAZING. I was watching the event with my brother (Who has never even played Metroid) and when that logo came up he said “Well Nintendo won E3” and I think that sums up how huge this is. On the opposite side of the spectrum, the next announcement is a Yoshi game for 2018, which gets a nice relaxing trailer and similar to Kirby just looks absolutely adorable.

Next up is a story trailer for Fire Emblem Warriors which looked alright nothing to write home about, if you like the Dynasty Warriors series (As I do) then you will like it if you don’t then you won’t. We then get Zelda DLC stuff. The first DLC pack is just the stuff we already know, Trial of the Sword still looks cool. They also revealed a teaser trailer for the 2nd DLC pack which is apparently called The Champions’ Ballad so the Champions are probably involved. Amiibo for the champions were also revealed and look amazing. I gotta get the Urbosa one (She be A+ crush material)

Reggie now talks about Nintendo’s push for e-sports and the tournaments happening at E3 this year. This is followed up by a quick look at Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle which actually looks pretty great, it’s Mario X-com and I am down. The next to last thing is a real quick look at Rocket League for Switch, which will get some Nintendo exclusive cars and customization items as well as local wireless play, and all the modes of the other versions.

Finally, we get to the game we have all been waiting for, Mario Odyssey. Boy does it look amazing, The Kingdoms are varied and lovely, the costumes look perfect, so many collectibles, so much freedom. There are 8-bit sections similar to the wall mechanic from a Link Between Worlds, you can possess enemies and NPCs with your hat, including a freaking realistic T-rex. Also Pauline is the mayor of New Donk city and a Jazz singer! She sings the main theme which has beautifully cheesy lyrics. She’s back and I love it. All in all this trailer stole the show, the game looks absolutely incredible and is releasing October 27th. I can’t freaking wait.

Overall this was an A+ showcase and Nintendo should feel proud.


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