Sony E3 Conference Recap: All about the Same Old

Let’s get this out of the way right now, Sony almost always is going to show a stronger showing at PSX than they will at E3 nowadays.  That being said, Sony came out the gate once again this year proving that they are indeed “All about the Games”.  Unfortunately, though,  Those games were all either DLC or things we already knew about. Sony failed to really bring any real surprises this year. The loss of the wow factor harmed almost every conference this year but none more so than Sony. That being said Lets dig right into my thoughts on the conference:

The Good:

  1. Oh my god Monster Hunter is back on consoles. It has been years since an announcement has brought me to near tears but Capcom has done it. Being able to play Monster Hunter on a PS4 is going to be a dream come true. Monster Hunter Worlds is going to be a return to form for the series and I cannot wait to get my hands on it.
  2. Days Gone looks really good. The swarm tech was on full display and looked awesome. It looks heavily inspired by Last of Us and looks absolutely gorgeous. I am calling it right now: This is the game to look out for. I have a feeling this game is going to be an Instant Classic.
  3. Spider-Man gameplay is probably the most promising thing Sony showed off. The combat looks fluid and beautiful and it warms my cold dead heart to see Spidey bouncing all over to place to take down bad guys. Again, this is another game that has potential to become an instant classic.


Now, while there were things that I enjoyed there were a couple things that I wasn’t into as much. The Sony fanboy in me was a little let down this year. Compared to last year’s E3 this year was a little lackluster. I know they are saving the big bomb drops for PSX but all in all, it is still very disappointing. I have high hopes for next year. Don’t let me down, Shu.


The Bad:

1. Detroit: Become Human. Okay, I am going to take my kids gloves off for this one. David Cage is a hack. All of his games are nonsensical trite. None of his narratives are ever cohesive and feature HEAVY unnecessary paranormal overtones. This game is almost guaranteed to be a disappointment and it pains me to think people actually enjoy these games. I hope to god I am wrong but his previous work instills literally no confidence in me. Not only that, but nothing that was shown in the trailer got me excited. It just seems more like more of the same and it is kind of a letdown.

2. There was little to no wow factor this year. With few exceptions, every game that was shown this year has been something that I have been aware of existing in some form. There was not really that many surprises this year. To me; E3 is about dropping bombs on us. It is about blowing our minds. This year did not have much of that and it’s kind of heartbreaking. We live in an age where Shenmue 3 is happening. Where are those kinds of announcements?


All in all, this all lead up to a very lukewarm E3 for Sony. I guess they felt they didn’t need to blow our minds this year. Unfortunately for them, it hurt them presentation wise. I cannot wait to get my hands on some of these games still but it hurts me a little that there weren’t that many big announcements on their side. On a more positive note: I for one cannot wait for PSX next December. I have a feeling that is where Sony is going to go all out. Mark my word: The PS4 is going to be THE console to own by next year. After all, It’s all about the games.





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