EA’s Press Conference Recap

EA’s conference started out with what every conference starts out with, a large montage, and smiling football men? The 30th anniversary of a high school drumline was at the beginning of this conference apparently. Then the Madden trailer starts, with actually a semi-interesting story mode about how a man footballs until he becomes a big footballer with an old Dan Marino shaking his hand.

The host man made an attempt at sounding funny with mentioning the complaints surrounding Battlefront, and talks and talks about what’s happening for the EA play conference things


With Battlefield 1, the conference became instantly sappy and full of lives, let’s players and gamers all gushing about how “We all want this game to be better” and “Man, we have a community, unlike any of  the other communities of any multiplayer game ever” and it all wrapped up with a grenade landing in a bus, and a dork freaking out how “crazy that was” and how he should just stop playing games after that. I at least agree with generic gamer on that front.

Then they revealed a trailer for the expansion to the game “In the Name of the Tsar” which actually looked pretty cool. The snowy area fits the only thing I thought was really missing from a world war one game.


Fifa and the gaming tournaments were up next, with ridiculous pictures of nerds winning and cheering, praying, and sitting while screaming in the affirmative. All very boring, but the esports crowd is basically what EA is banking on now. Fifa showed how they’re using more mocap and cool rap music in their trailers to make it seem cool. THEN THE CONFERENCE TOOK A COMplete left turn and just played a cheesy reggae/Caribbean song where they sang “let’s play some football”. And then the people from that, I guess they’re football, oh I’m sorry “soccer” commentators for Fifa with cute British accents and more awkward attempts at humor. Apparently, they care about someone named Alex Hunter. The only thing interesting about the video to me was playing The Clash’s “Should I stay or should I go” because he’s leaving or staying somewhere, most likely this planet.


Need for Speed was the 4th game up next, racing around, with some story added to their cars go vrrrrooom game. The Youtube “creator” was the host of this with a Jontron style of talking with a distinctly non-distinct accent that I can’t place because I’m white. The Youtube guy had another youtube guy on a computer behind him who was “playing” the game that was shown in this gameplay video that at certain points became way more cinematic as it went along. And Yes other host man, I believe you when you say “It plays as good as it looks”


Next up was this awesome looking prisoner game from the creators of Brothers called “A Way Out”, it looks kinda like a 70s “Oh Brother Where Art Thou” and “Inherent Vice”. And just like Brothers, you play as two characters, but it’s co-op. There was a little bit of fear when he mentioned that it has all of the gaming mechanics. Also, you have to play the game in co-op, what if I don’t have friends? Because I don’t. It looks as awesome as the prison scenes in Uncharted 4 were just way more detailed and fun.


New IP from Bioware was a slight tease but it looks like it focuses on mech suits (reminded me of Fallout 4 with the entrance to the suit) also “The wall protects them”… that’s aged well.


NBA live 18 gets shown offstage in a small room with the confusing slow motion of Lebron about to dunk a basketball. Then it just ends. They then transfer to a new mode called “the one” where it looks like nationwide choose your own adventure shooting around different courts, on 5v5 matches. The best part was the complete misuse of the song DNA by Kung Fu Kenny, while the best basketball players shoot the sports balls well.


Then the big event hits, 30 minutes of Star Wars Battlefront 2. They show all the tweets about wanting a gosh darn story mode. Janina Gavankar has impeccable makeup and a cute as heck Darth Vader inspired dress talked sternly about the lack of story mode in the previous installment. They then led into a fun video where they described how different their first person shooter was, the fake guns feel more real, and the heroes and villains are more customizable with their special abilities. The trailer looked really cool, Yoda was fighting Darth Maul, and Ray was fighting Kylo REN. It looked so cool. Also, John Boyega talked about the Finn and Phasma being in the game and it will be free. That was the emphasis, free free free. Free maps, skins, and other content, all just for the legions of fans who complained and complained.


The multiplayer began and so ended my interest. It was fun to watch for a little bit but the commentators just talked about the class types and made winces every time a ship was shot down. The Naboo fight looked especially awesome though, ships in the air, with droids and clones shooting in fun looking combat. It was probably the most visually striking game of this conference. The battles have different phases, separate objectives besides just shoot at each other like destroy the big Naboo door. It immediately ramped up with Darth Maul and Boba Fett fighting for the Separatists I think, it was a bit confusing but so cool! Maul choking enemies, Boba rocketing at fools, and Rey? This got so incongruent but I don’t care it was just so fun fun fun!


I wished that was the end of the conference, and it was. What an alright conference it was.  


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