E3 Week Preview (Event Week)

E3 has fallen upon us. It is the SuperBowl of video games where new games are revealed and already announced games are seen more in-depth. We will be having recaps from some of our writers (shoutout to Cam! Get it girl!) who have volunteered to cover video game press conferences from Electronic Arts to Sony. There will be audio companions to our coverage in the form of mini bite-sized reactions/opinions. (Again, shoutout to our very own Superwoman Cam who will be covering the most ground both recap and audio companion wise) There will also be two special E3 recap podcasts from the Video Game Hour podcast. One West Coast special hosted by Connor McGraw with our inside man at E3, Cam, and Chris Smith. Also, there will be an East Coast special hosted by Hunter Davenport with Javon McNeil, Chris Cortes and yours truly. These will be recorded once E3 is officially over so nothing is missed.

So bookmark LosHarrow.wordpress.com and get ready for one heck of a ride! Also a #MomentofSilence for Star Wars 1313!


Let’s Do This!


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