Old Man Logan #24 Review

(W) Jeff Lemire

(A) Eric Nguyen

(CA) Andres Mossa

(L) Cory Petit

This is it. The final issue of Lemire’s run on this book and Logan’s back in the Wastelands again.

This issue is just full of emotions in a way that really works, there’s no action but that really doesn’t matter. There’s little that I can say without spoiling exactly how it goes but the issue carries through with its themes and underlying message in a way that is really emotionally resonant. Everything is wrapped up in a nice bow along with a dedication to Mark Millar and Steve McNiven and although there is ultimately no widely branching consequences to this book it feels meaningful and powerful all the same.

The art of Nguyen and Mossa really works well in this final issue of the series, I still wish we had Sorrentino and Maiolo to finish this run off but the artists on this book still do a brilliant job – giving the Wastelands a rough but beautiful look. I would even argue that their artwork probably suits drawing the Wastelands more than the ‘regular’ world.

Lemire’s run on this book has been incredible, he has managed to take the character of ‘an older grumpier Wolverine’ and truly flesh out the framework given by Millar. His run has had some really impactful themes of learning from the past and moving on from it which we can all take a lesson from. Not to mention continuously badass action throughout the run. Ed Brisson has hell of a lot to live up to.

In regards to the issue I give it a 10/10

And I’d give the whole run a solid 9/10


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