Moon Knight #14 Review

(W) Jeff Lemire

(A) Eric Nguyen

(CA) Andres Mossa

(L) Cory Petit


Marc Spector has finally reached Khonshu – and it’s time for this story to end and begin again.

First of all, the cover alone should be enough for you to buy this book,  Smallwood and Bellaire’s art is that brilliant for the entirety of this book as it has been for this entire run, who knew that white and white space could be so powerful? Beyond that even the panels of this issue are manipulated for effect – something which has also been done so well throughout this run.

Like the issues before it this issue has its fair share of madness but in this issue, fitting with the movement of the story, it feels more controlled and you have more of a grasp of what’s happening. Additionally the past and the present are masterfully interwoven in this issue, with a mirroring of Marc’s past and present in a way that is incredibly powerful in the idea of death and rebirth portrayed in this book. When this crazy story wraps up it all makes total sense, if at issue 1 you told me it would end this way I likely would have scoffed at you and called this a cop-out (then wondered about your ability to time travel). However the way that Lemire writes it, the ending is simple yet brilliant and bring a potent and empowering message about living with mental illness. At the same time it brings a massive change for the character which literally made me squeal and swear many many times.

This whole run has been a wild, and a times confusing, ride which now having ended all seems to make complete sense. This whole run has gone deep into the psyche of Marc Spector and managed to tell a story which at it’s core is about someone getting learning to live with their mental illness. Everyone who has worked on this book has created a masterpiece which has turned a character which I had a passing interest in, into my favourite comic book character.

I give this issue and the entire run a resounding 10/10



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