Kansas City Retailer Killed In Robbery

An unfortunate death has occured recently, James Dale Cavanaugh, the owner of Kansas City, Missouri’s Clint’s Comics has passed away from injuries from attempting to prevent an apparent store robbery, according to The Kansas City Star.

This all took place Friday afternoon, where conflicting reports are describing things as either “armed robbery” or “shoplifting attempt.” While chasing the suspect to his car Cavanaugh was struck by the car door. He was then rushed to a hospital but later died as a result of the injuries he sustained.


Clint’s Comics has been around for fifty years first opening in 1967. After Cavanaugh returned home from his service during the Vietnam he purchased the store back in ’75. He also owned the distribution company Cavco.

“A part of Kansas City’s history died today,” said Steve Daniels, an employee of Cavanaugh. “This was his passion; this is what kept him going.”

Eyewitnesses say the man responsible for Cavanaugh’s death is a white man in his ’40s, bald with glasses. He was last seen driving a late-model hatchback.

Source: Newsarama


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