Rocket #1 Review

(W) Al Ewing (A) Adam Gorham (CA) Michael Garland (L) Jeff Eckleberry


In this new run Rocket’s back to his heisting ways and the direction that Ewing has chosen to take with this book is something fresh and new yet so familiar at the same time. The book has the feeling of a badass heist movie mixed with crime noir and it just feels so damn cool, from the opening bar scene to the slick matching suits (that are on the awesome Mike Mayhew cover) taking the cliches of that genre and making them its own. The narration throughout the book is such a major part of instilling that feeling, it reads like the internal monolog of a protagonist from one such movie, providing some much-needed exposition and developing the atmosphere. Aside from the darkness of it, there’s a new group of quirky and unique characters and the return of a character from way back in Rocket’s history portrayed in a really interesting light. The book is chock full of gags (including a very British robot security guard) and has its fair share of action to keep you entertained throughout.


In terms of art, Gorham gives all the aliens in this book a really unique look, with the colours from Garland adding more variety in that regard whilst also providing some great atmosphere in key parts of this book. The art also manages to be weird without being cartoonish and even manages to make that certain character from Rocket’s past have a real feel to the, which really aids the book’s more down to earth tone. In addition to that, despite the wide variety in character, the emotion is so clear and powerful in the faces. Finally, the Mike Mayhew cover just screams badassery and on a personal note, I really feel the need to own one of those suits now!


Ultimately this book really starts and ends with a bang, is completely unique in its tone and still manages to be hilarious.






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