Rocket Raccoon #5 Review

(W) Matthew Rosenberg (A) Jorge Coelho (CA) Antonio Fabelo + Rain Berdado (L) Jeff Eckleberry

This is it, the end of the road for this run and it really has been a great journey.

This final issue ties everything up really nicely, it continues to be a fun read whilst resolving the book’s conflicts. The whole issue has a really warm and fuzzy feel to it, which is really weird considering the book’s crass protagonist, but somehow it all comes together nicely. Aside from that, there’s still one or two pretty interesting twists because where’s the fun in a purely happy issue?

The cover, by David Nakayama, is brilliant, and the same goes for the rest of the art in the issue. It continues to be awesome and a really great fit for this book, yet again being a major component in the ‘rough’ feel that this book has.

Ultimately this whole series has been a real fun ride and it’s been really interesting to see a more grounded (pardon the pun) take on the Rocket, which still manages to keep the fun and chaotic nature of the character, with some really interesting themes and a fantastic allegory for what’s going on in the world right now. This book isn’t a massive, sprawling adventure but for a book that could so easily have been a mediocre event tie-in, it’s surprised me with its tight, smart, self-contained brilliance.

I’d give the issue a 9/10

And I’d also give the run a 9/10

P.S. Like I said in my review check out Matthew Rosenberg’s twitter (@AshcanPress) where you can find literally hundreds of raccoon GIFs that you can watch for all of the eternity (that may or may not have influenced this review).


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