Batman #21 “The Button” Crossover Part 1 Review

At the end of Geoff Johns’ DC Universe Rebirth one-shot that released in late May of 2016 and is still universally loved. Later on, in the current Rebirth era of DC Comics, it was announced that there would be a four part crossover between Batman and The Flash called “The Button” which would be an investigation of what was found lodged in the Bat-Cave wall which was: The Comedian’s stained button. Which was the big revelation later on into the Rebirth one-shot which then went to Doctor Manhattan speaking to Ozymandias talking about going away and creating the life of his own which will factor in later. A few issues ago in The Flash, we saw the return of Eobard Thawne aka, Reverse-Flash and he mentioned his death in Flashpoint at the hands of Thomas Wayne saying he should give his son a visit.


So we open inside Arkham Asylum to Saturn Girl who is watching a Hockey game with fellow inmates and it triggers something in her as she says, “This is the game. Where they kill him.” She then mentions Superman will never find her and the Legion will be destroyed. We then go to the Bat-Cave where Batman has multiple monitors showing Comedian’s Button. On Batman’s main monitor is the Hockey game Saturn Girl is ALSO watching. He then proceeds to contact Flash and asks him to show up to investigate the Button. He then sees Thomas Wayne aka Flashpoint Batman who is in front of him briefly until Thawne shows up and fights Batman who has about sixty seconds until Barry will show up so the issue then turns into a one on one match with a time limit ( I wonder WHAT BAR is Reverse-Flash?!)


I REALLY liked both the fight between Batman and the Reverse Flash especially with the countdown in the bottom right corner. Since both are something you wouldn’t see in a Batman book. The fight lasted the entire minute plus overtime with Eobard getting the upper hand on the Bat. Thawne simply tossed Batman away and went toward the Button and upon touching it he disappeared in a Blue light like that of Doctor Manhattan. Then this happens:batman-21-eobard-thawne-i-saw-god Eobard then falls down next to the unconscious Batman and is dead. Barry arrives moments later with a prelude to The Button part II in Flash issue 21 “Who Killed The Reverse Flash?” This part I didn’t like whatsoever as DC reintroduced one of its greatest villains only to “Rorschach” him immediately. I do hope as he is featured on the Flash Issue twenty-one cover he returns in some way.



  • Delving Deeper Into “Who Watches The DC Universe”
  • Batman vs Reverse Flash
  • Amazing Jay Fabok art



  • Disposing Of Eobard Thawne Fairly Quickly
  • Not Enough Saturn Girl Explanation
  • No Barry vs Eobard

Score: 7/10


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