Hugh Jackman On Whether ‘Logan’ Is His Final Wolverine Film

Hugh Jackman has been on and off about his status as Wolverine following Logan. Unfortunately, it’s been confirmed by Jackman that he will indeed be leaving the role after Logan.

“When I had the [‘Logan’] script, I was like, ‘Yes,’” said Jackman when asked if he viewed the film as his final outing. He continued saying: “And when I was shooting the movie, yes. As I sit here today, yes… God knows how I’ll feel in three years,” he continued. “But right now, absolutely.”

Even after appearing in so many films as Wolverine, Jackman said he’s never felt satisfied after one performance. [T]there’s been a gnawing turmoil that I hadn’t really nailed it, fully — either story or performance or whatever.” He said that he’s had that feeling in all of his films, too. “Every film I’ve ever done, I’ve had that gnawing doubt. But I have it way less in [‘Logan’].”

Set years after the events of “Days of Future Past”, 2017’s “Logan” is set in a time where a cataclysmic event has wiped out all mutants. A side effect of this is that Wolverine’s healing factor is diminished. It will also feature Dafne Keen as X-23, Wolverine’s teenage clone.

“Logan” will be arriving in cinema’s March 3rd.

Source: CBR


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