The Flash: First Look At Solovar

Harrison Wells of Earth-2 kidnapped! Turmoil in Gorilla City! Grodd Takes Charge!

At the end of last week’s episode of The Flash there was a surprise appearance of Earth=2’s newest speedster Jesse Quick saying that Harrison “Harry” Wells has been kidnapped. Next week Barry, Cisco, Julian, and Caitlin will be journeying to Earth-2 to rescue Harry from none other than Gorilla Grodd originally genetically modified by Eobarrison ThawneWells and affected by the Star Labs explosion.

Last seen in Season 2’s Gorilla Warfare, Grodd was sent through one of the breaches to Earth-2’s village or city if you will for gorillas that have been experimented on. It now appears that Grodd hasn’t let it go against Harry. But there will be a gorilla on Team Flash’s side and it’s that of Barry’s classic ally in the comics: Solovar. While there are no front-facing photos released of Solovar there are however two photos that have been released, one of his face and one of his back.



Hey? Isn’t that Barry? Well, another thing in the comics is the relationship between Grodd and Solovar. The second photo looks to be Grodd instigating a fight between The Flash and Solovar. Sadly, Solovar doesn’t have his cape (sorry Hunter), but he will be voiced by Keith David.

Grodd’s voice actor David Sobolov will be reprising his role.”Attack on Gorilla City” will air February 21st at 8 PM EST/7 CST.

Source: CBR


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