Ben Affleck WON’T Be Directing “The Batman”

As we’ve known, DC’s Batman solo movie titled “The Batman” has had some production problems with the script, Affleck not wanting to make the movie without a good script. Now there’s another bad omen affecting the production of “The Batman”, star, writer and producer Ben Affleck is no longer set to direct the film.

“There are certain characters who hold a special place in the hearts of millions, Affleck said in a statement in regards to his departure of the director’s chair. “Performing this role demands focus, passion and the very best performance I can give. It has become clear that I cannot do both jobs to the level they require. Together with the studio, I have decided to find a partner in a director who will collaborate with me on this massive film. I am still in this, and we are making it, but we are currently looking for a director. I remain extremely committed to this project, and look forward to bringing this to life for fans around the world.”

Warner. Bros said in an official statement, “Warner Bros. fully supports Ben Affleck’s decision and remains committed to working with him to bring a standalone Batman picture to life.”

Affleck’s replacement hasn’t been announced yet, but Variety’s Justin Kroll tweeted that Matt Reeves (“Dawn of the Planet of the Apes”) is “high on the list of directors they are looking at”.

In their report, The Hollywood Reporter said, “Insiders say that Affleck and the studio came to a mutual decision that it would be best for the project if it was not led by someone with the split focus of one person being both the star and director.” Ben Affleck said the following, “I’m not going to write and direct anything that I don’t think is good enough to be made. I’m definitely going to make sure I have something that is special — there’s not enough money in the world to make a mediocre version of Batman worth it.”

“It’s one of those things that’s really frustrating,” Affleck previously said, with regard to the pressure delivering a script. “With ‘Live By Night,’ it took me a year and a half to write and get ready, and I worked really hard and — it’s just, nobody gave a shit! But with ‘Batman,’ I keep on getting, ‘Where’s the fucking “Batman” script?!’ I’m like, ‘Whoa — I’m working! Give me a second!’”

Bret Easton Ellis of American Psycho fame said the following about the film having a troubled script, “I was having dinner with a couple of executives who know other executives who are working on the [forthcoming] Batman movie, The Batman. And they were just telling me that there are serious problems with the script. And that the executives I was having dinner with were complaining about people who work on the Batman movie. And they just said they went to the studio and they said, ‘Look, the script is … Here’s 30 things that are wrong with it that we can fix.’ And [the executives] said, ‘We don’t care. We don’t really care. The amount of money we’re going to make globally, I mean 70 percent of our audience is not going to be seeing this in English. And it doesn’t really matter, these things that you’re bringing up about the flaws of the script.’ So I do think global concerns play a big part in how movies, and what movies, are being made, obviously.”

Affleck is set to return to the DC Extended Universe in the Zack Snyder-directed “Justice League”, due for theatres this coming November.

“The Batman” will also star Jeremy Irons as Alfred Pennyworth, J.K. Simmons as Commissioner Gordon and Joe Manganiello as Deathstroke. After originally having a release date of 2018 “The Batman” has no current release date.

Source: CBR


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