Twelfth Doctor Peter Capaldi Announces Departure After X-Mas 2017

“11’s time is ending, the clock is striking midnight.” These words said by Jenna Coleman’s Clara Oswald; caregiver of the Twelfth Doctor said these words over three years ago when Matt Smith’s Eleventh Doctor received a whole new regeneration cycle from the Time Lord’s of Gallifrey. This was for his wartime heroics during The Last Great Time War (“NO MORE”) now over 3 years later Capaldi announced he’d be leaving the show after the Christmas special which will also be the last script from exiting showrunner Steven Moffat.

You can find the tweet here!

“It (the new series of Doctor Who) will be my last… I feel it’s time to move on.”
– Peter Capaldi

Followed by: Peter confirms he’ll be stepping down in Xmas 2017, but
“I’m still ! We’re doing epic stuff! I’m not done yet!”
– Peter Capaldi

This leads the oldest question, hidden in plain sight, the one you’ve been running from ALL YOUR LIFE! Who’ll be the Thirteenth Doctor? That is ultimately Chris Chibnall’s choice once he becomes showrunner taking over from Steven Moffat.

Here’s my choice: q6mtua2

Source: CBR


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