Flash/Supergirl Musical Crossover Villain Revealed

The villain for the Flash and Supergirl musical crossover has been revealed by Greg Berlanti and it is…. Music Meister! You may know that name if you’ve seen “Batman: The Brave and the Bold” as voiced by Doogie Howser himself Neil Patrick Harris.

Music Meister’s ability is simple: he can control people through song, and this is the perfect way to make the musical crossover legit. While the thought of NPH “suiting up” as Music Meister is quite appealing it may not happen unfortunately. As Berlanti said that the process is in its very early stages.

“We haven’t gone about casting yet. It’s the right question though!” he was quoted as saying by IGN. Neil Patrick Harris responded to rumors last month saying, “I’ve heard about it, but that’s as much as it has been. I mean, I did the Music Meister in a recording booth in L.A. … 15 years ago or something, y’know, and it comes out a year later. […] It was a fun episode, it was a good thing to day. But I’ve heard that Joss [Whedon] is involved in some way, but I don’t know if that’s true or not. … He wears a big zoot suit, from what I remember. The song was fun to sing, so I don’t know; we’ll see.”

No date has been given for the “Flash/Supergirl” crossover but it would be nice to see the
“Glee” alums making music again.

Source: CBR


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