Nick Fury Series Announced By Marvel From James Robinson and ACO

Nick Fury Jr. scratch that NICK FURY is getting his own solo ongoing series from James Robinson (Airboy) and ACO (Midnighter and Apollo).

Robinson told Newsarama that the project “began with me asking editor Mark Paniccia why no one had done a comic with young Nick Fury.” The last time we saw young Nick Fury was during the Declan Shalvey written and drawn Civil War II Choosing Sides mini with colors by Jordie Bellaire.

Fury’s foil will be Frankie Noble, agent of Hydra,  “who is very much the opposite number to Fury in all ways” for a series of single issue stories and short story arcs. Robinson described it as making the writing match the character and comic.

“It isn’t that I’m mad for either single issues or for long multipart arcs. It’s whatever suits the comic and the character at that time. In this instance, the Fury we had in mind and the missions we intend to send him on, suited the single issue format.”

When it comes to the original Nick Fury who, after “Original Sin” is now the Unseen has been popping back up across the Marvel Universe but Robinson has no plans on using him in the beginning of his Nick Fury series.

“Not in the first six issues, although we refer to him and the long shadow he casts on Nick as the series unfolds.”

“I think ACO and I are both in love with the style of that time. The clothing, pop art, bold graphics, and the fact that this was a time when spy fiction was at it’s peak, no doubt tying in with the Cold War that was going on. It’s interesting that this book found its way at a time when Russia seems to be getting up to its old tricks, so maybe we’re tapping into the zeitgeist now too”

“Nick Fury”#1 goes on sale this Spring.


Source: CBR


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