Rocket Raccoon #1 review

[W] Matthew Rosenberg

[A] Jorge Coelho

[C] Antonio Fabela

Rocket Raccoon is the second in the ‘Grounded’ line of solo books about each for a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy while they’re stuck on Earth after the destruction of their ship in Civil War 2. I started this book half-expecting wacky like the Rocket Raccoon and Groot series and instead this was completely different from that and has it’s own unique feel. That’s not to say this book isn’t funny, there are jokes and quips throughout (especially in relation to what the hell Rocket actually is) but the sense of humour is a lot more grounded than that of its predecessors.

A lot of this issue is set-up to give you an idea of the situation and character but on the plus side this set-up is done in a fun and interesting way where you can pretty much ignore how much of the book actually is set-up and how much is story progression which is definitely something more writers should do.

In terms of art, this book is great, Coelho and Fabella give the book a look that can only be described as grimy but vibrant at the same time, which is really interesting and that suits the book really well.

All in all, his is a great issue with an ending that’s both perplexing and exciting.

If I had to apply a number to this I’d give it an 8/10.

P.S. If you need some cute Raccoon GIFs in your life then follow Rosenberg on Twitter (@AshcanPress).



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