Geoff Johns Announces Both His Return To Comics; And A New DCTV Project To Be Revealed Soon

If you ask someone who has seen all of DCTV’s lineup between The CW with “Arrow”, “The
Flash”, “Supergirl”, and “Legends of Tomorrow” plus Vertigo adaptation “iZombie” which returns for a third season in April they will say good things. However when it comes to Fox which has the Batman prequel “Gotham” and the Vertigo adaptation of “Lucifer” which all I’ve heard are terrible things from critics but good things from women in the 18-60 demographic. A pilot is on its way for the Berlanti attached “Black Lightning” pilot. Well, DC Comics Chief Creative Officer and President of DC Films Geoff Johns tweeted out some good news  and some extremely better news.

Geoff Johns tweeted out that another DCTV project is in the works. The following was tweeted out by Johns: “5) More #DCTV @CW_TheFlash @CW_Arrow @Gotham @TheCW_Legends @LuciferonFOX @TheCWSupergirl and many more! One which will be announced soon..” It is not known whether or not this new project will be a full series or something less. This does fit with something I’ve been told that a female hero who will appear on one of the DC CW shows and basically the same formula as The Flash where the character is introduced on one show and eventually gets their own show.

He then dropped a bomb saying that he would be returning to writing comics soon. The image that accompanied the announcement was chilling..“And 1) Writing comics again… stay tuned! Happy New Year!!!”c1ephpivqaagygj

As for what Johns will be writing my guess is a new JSA or he’ll wrestle Hal Jordan and the GL Corps from Robert Venditti. Also as to what the DC TV project is the Green Lantern show that has been teased since the beginning of Arrow.

Source: HeroicHollywood


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