The Holiday Gift Guide: Essentials for the Geek in training – Bond, James Bond

James Bond has a long and storied history, the first novel Casino Royale was written in 1953 by Ian Fleming and ever since Bond has made impacts in Pop culture. This section of the gift guide will give you different ins for the many interpretations of James Bond in Film, Comics, and Literature. Each section will be based on how much and Money you’ll need to spend in order to get into it. Nothing on the list undoes the other, these are just all the ways to live the Bond Motto “The World in Not Enough”.


Bond 50th Anniversary Collection

With the release of Skyfall in 2012 Bond Celebrated 50 Years on film as produced by EON Productions and United Artists. The Result being the 50th Aniversary Collection that includes every EON production up to Skyfall complete special features, commentaries, and a special edition booklet. The collection Blu-Ray is usually $200 bucks on Amazon but subsequent collections have been released but you can’t be guaranteed to get all the special features and the booklet from the 50th packaging. DVD versions of both are available and if you want to get into Bond in the way that is the most relevant to Pop Culture jump straight in and watch Dr. No The first Cinematic Appearance of Bond as played by Sean Connery (The Best Bond) and keep watching till you just can’t anymore. If you don’t like a particular Bond, skip that one and move to the next one. The best thing about Bond is there’s no Continuity between all 23 films and each movie stands on its own.


The Daniel Craig Option

While not the best option for someone who’s super into all the Bond films. From a completely objective Point of View just starting from Daniel Craigs Bond is the best idea. Currently buying The Daniel Craig Collection and Spectre on Blu-Ray will only set you or a family member back $30. Even though I find Craigs films to be 50/50 in terms of Quality, Craig’s first film is the best James Bond film ever made. Casino Royale has not been topped and probably never will be, it’s good enough that it’s almost worth 2 & 1/2 Bond films on its own. It’s almost good enough to make up for Spectre (bahahahahahahahahah), a film I hated but I’m aware was enjoyable to others. Plus if you really love Craig you can go back Check out Connery or Moore and perhaps even Brosnan depending on which movie you like more.



The Books

Ian Fleming wrote 12 Novels and two Short Stories about James Bond, 13 of his 14 Bond stories are currently in print on Amazon for $8 Shipping and handling depending. Start from the beginning with Casino Royale and go from there. However, reader be warned, the books are not for the faint of heart. Dirty, violent, angry, sexist, and disgusting are all words associated with the books.  They tend to be more esoteric and not be as fanciful as the films, realistic espionage and crime thrillers that lean more toward le Carré and less Austin Powers.



The Comics

The same month EON released Spectre, DYNAMITE debuted Warren Ellis’ first issue of James Bond: VARGR. Warren’s Bond can best be described as splitting the difference between the Books and the films. Just as violent and gruesome as the Books can be and as violent as many creator comics tend to be. But with the same sense of humor and even a sense of the fanciful like the films. Personally, I think it’s the best work on Bond being written Today. The first Volume is in Hard Cover on Amazon for $15 and paperback should be out soon. Volume 2 should be out in March with 3 shortly behind. While Ellis will be leaving the book shortly, the writers Dynamite suggested for the future will surely pick up the torch wherever Ellis leaves it.




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