The Holiday Gift Guide: Essentials for the Geek in training – Anime

Anime is a longstanding part of geek culture. But for the uninitiated it can be a minefield to wade through, cultural differences and a boatload of bad shows can make it hard to find stuff that a newcomer can enjoy, and that is what I am here for. I am here to be your guide to the best anime for newcomers. So without further ado let’s get to the list.


This right here is the grandaddy of intro anime. One of the greatest anime of all time, it mixes elements of film noir, westerns, and sci-fi alongside a jazz-filled soundtrack and incredible characters to create one of the best experiences you can have with anime. Endlessly stylish, and incredibly emotional at times, this is something everyone should see. The adventures of Spike, Jet, Faye, Edward, and Ein are not to be missed. Plus Ein is an adorable Corgi doggo so that has to count for something right?




This is plain and simple one of my favorite films of all time. A beautiful tale of a single mother trying to raise her two children, who can turn into wolves. Though it sounds silly the wolf premise is something that bleeds into the emotion and heart of the film, as their very human mother tries to help them through things she can barely understand. Starting from before their birth and ending when they finally leave home, this is a heart-wrenching story that will pull on your emotions like not much else. I can not recommend it enough.



Now I am gonna be honest due to some titles going out of print recently this next pick was not my first choice for the list. But is still a worthy choice.



This is a show about time travel. I hear you rolling your eyes but hear me out. This is one of the better shows about time travel. Starring an eclectic cast of weirdos, our main character is a self-proclaimed mad scientist named Okabe Rintarou who in his obsession with time travel accidently stumbles upon a way to send e-mails backward in time. What follows is a stellar psychological thriller as shit starts going downhill, and Okabe is the only one able to tell time has been altered. Now on to the elephant in the room, the reason this wasn’t my first choice is the show is heavily steeped in Japanese internet culture and filled with little nods and references. So a newcomer to Japanese media may be a bit lost, but the plot and characters I feel stand out enough that it will still be highly enjoyable.



We now reach the final item on the list, you have introduced your friend to anime through some absolute classics. It is time to let them explore for themselves with this final gift.



This is the ultimate (In my opinion) anime streaming service, for 7 dollars a month you get a massive collection of anime to watch, including some absolute classics including the now out of print Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood one of the best anime of all time. There are so many shows it can be a bit tough to sort through so I recommend you help your friend out, or if you are the newcomer I recommend doing some research or talking to a friend. But with so much content you are sure to find something you will like.




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