Ghost Rider #1 NOW! First Impressions

For the longest time, Ghost Rider couldn’t get a leg up in any medium outside of comics whether it was the “Ghost Rider” feature film from ten years ago or the sequel “Spirit of Vengeance” from four-five years ago. But now that the most recent incarnation of the Ghost Rider, Robbie Reyes appeared to give the Rider back his swagger. But unfortunately what should be Robbie’s triumphant return to the pages of readers worldwide was more of a letdown bogged down by unnecessary guest stars.

After more than a year off Robbie Reyes and his brother Gabe return along with Uncle Eli, the voice in Robbie’s head that he agreed with to become The Ghost Rider. Written by the original writer of Felipe Smith, and art NOT by Tradd Moore but Danilo Beyruth, whose art I enjoyed in this issue. But just as quickly as you’re re-introduced to Robbie and Gabe you are quickly taken away to Santa Monica Coastline where Amadeus Cho aka the Totally Awesome Hulk, the 9th smartest person in the Marvel Universe (Moon Girl being number 1) where a viscous organic creature soon gets out of control with Cho. You are being taken to this after only TWO pages of Robbie and Gabe. This eventually turns into the new normal for the rest of the issue where Robbie/Ghost Rider and Gabe are doing their thing which only has a small amount of action compared to what expectations are with a character like Ghost Rider but you get that expected action with T.A. Hulk and “Evolutio-mon”. The name he dubs the creature that can evolve by touching whatever it comes into contact with (mice, insects and eventually T.A. Hulk) which turns into a large fight scene. But more on that later. Ghost Rider makes a rare appearance saving a family from human traffickers. The patriarch of the family noting that La Layenda saved them.


Now back to T.A. Hulk and “Evolutio-mon”. They inevitably fight and T.A. Hulk rips the creature in half and it falls into a hole where guess what? ANOTHER guest star shows up in the person of Laura Kinney aka “All-New Wolverine” and her clone. To quote her, “things are about to get messy”. This leads to the end of the issue. But wait THERE’s MORE!

The original creative team of Felipe Smith and Tradd Moore reunite for a backup story with Ghost Rider villain Pyston Nitro trying to steal Ghost Rider’s car which was more entertaining than the main feature. I also liked that this story will be continuing. When it comes to whether I will keep reading I am going to give this a shot because I love what is happening with Robbie on Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD. So right now I need all the Robbie Reyes I can get.




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