Boom! Studios’ The Woods Is Coming To SyFy

BOOM! Studios’ popular comic book series “The Woods,” from creators James Tynion IV and Michael Dialynas, is headed for SyFy.

Deadline reports that Brad Peyton (“San Andreas”) will be brought on board to produce and direct the hour-long thriller in a joint production between BOOM! Studios and Peyton’s ASAP Entertainment, with Michael Armbruster writing.

“[‘The Woods’] is set in Wisconsin where an entire high school campus — including the 300 students, teachers, parents and workers who happened to be there at the time – vanishes without a trace and reappears in the middle of the thick woods on the moon of a distant planet. Now their normal lives have suddenly and dramatically changed as they must survive the eerie and dangerous environment while desperately trying to find a way to get back home.”

Peyton will partner with his collaborator Jeff Fierson as Executive Producers, along with Armbruster and BOOM! Studios’ CEO Ross Richie and President of Development Stephen Christy. Peyton and Fierson said in a joint statement, “We’ve always seen this title as having the potential to be a stand-out sci-fi property, and there’s no better team to do that with than with BOOM! and the teams at UCP/Syfy.”

Source: CBR


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