Mystical Vengeance Coming To Star City In Arrow Teased By Title?

A tweet from Arrow/Legends of Tomorrow EP Marc Guggenheim to kick off production for an episode may as well been a tease based off the title “Spectre of the Gun” that The Spectre may be headed to Star City.


The Spectre in the DC Universe is the “wrath of God” personified. After last season of Arrow spent a lot of time establishing that magic exists in the Arrowverse anything is possible. This wouldn’t be the first time on the silver screen. NBC’s adaptation of Hellblazer featured Emmett Scanlen as Detective Jim Corrigan the first and current host for the Spectre. Then again Arrow could pull from the pages of Gotham Central by Brubaker, Greg Rucka, and Michael Lark where Jim Corrigan was actually a dirty cop who betrays then kills Crispus Allen who sought revenge as the Spectre.


Source: CBR


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