New Comics For Week of 11/30

Dark Horse Comics

Conan the Slayer #5 W: Cullen Bunn P: Sergio Fernandez Davila CA: Admira Wijaya


The barbarian, the new chief, and the Kozaki raiders pursue the murderer to his hideout, Gorey Castle. When they are met by a horde of undead, Taraslan takes matters into his own hands . . . but is he in over his head? Superstar writer Cullen Bunn (Harrow County, Uncanny X-Men) and artist Sergio Dávila (Red Sonja, Swords of Sorrow) team up to bring a new chapter of Conan’s story to life! $3.99

Cryptocracy #6 W: Van Jensen P:/CA: Pete Woods


The Mars Family base is under attack, besieged by Hum and his army of deadly cryptids. To save his people in this epic battle, Grahame must step forward as a leader, putting everything he cares about on the line to salvage the broken remains of the Cryptocracy.
o A blend of The X-Files and Marvel’s A.I.M.$3.99

Serenity No Power In The Verse #2 of 6 W: Chris Roberson P: Geoges Jeanty, Karl Story
CA: Daniel Dos Santos


If the Alliance’s operative reaches the Outer Rim before Mal and the Serenity’s crew can rescue their captive friend, there simply won’t be a rescue. An uneasy partnership is struck, preparations are underway, and there is no room for any unknowns . . . $3.99

Tarzan On The Planet Of The Apes #3 W: Tim Seeley, David Walker P: Fernando Dagnigno CA: Duncan Fegredo


An attack on Ape City has ties to a mysterious event from Tarzan and Caesar’s childhood, and the connection reveals a battle much greater than the brothers could have imagined, not to mention new villains and heroes. $3.99

Witchfinder City of the Dead #4 of 5 W: Mike Mignola, Chris Roberson P: Ben Stenbeck CA: Julian Totino Tedesco


When an old enemy emerges as the ringleader of the risen dead, Sir Edward Grey appeals to a higher power of his own to fight back. $3.99

DC Comics

Batman Annual #1 W: Tom King, Scott Snyder, Paul Dini, Steve Orlando P: Riley Rossmo, P:Neal Adams, P:/CA: David Finch


“SILENT NIGHT”! A hush of winter snowfall has fallen over Gotham City…but a quiet night in this place is never truly quiet. Batman and his allies-and his many foes-stalk the streets in this icy showcase of top talent.$4.99

Justice League of America #10 W:Bryan Hitch P: Daniel Henriques P:/CA: Bryan Hitch


The League members in the ancient past catch up with those in the present, and the whole future is at stake! The League thought they had beaten Rao, at great personal cost, but his final solution for the people of Earth is far more than even The League can stand against. $3.99

Suicide Squad #7 W:Rob Williams P:/CA: Jim Lee, Scott Williams Variant Cover Artist: Lee Bermejo


“THE BLACK VAULT” part seven! While Task Force X’s overseers debate the team’s purpose, the Suicide Squad gets a well-deserved day off-until the dark energies of the Black Vault drive everyone in Belle Reve Penitentiary to acts of violent, bloody madness. Everyone except the crown princess of crazy, Harley Quinn, who’s somehow been…cured? $3.99

Wacky Wasteland #6 W: Ken Pontac P:/CA: Leonardo Manco Variant CA: Cully Hamner


At last, the Racers storm the high-tech facility known as the Butcher Shop and confront the all-powerful Announcer! Secrets from the past are revealed, bullets fly and engines roar as our heroes contend against the entity that has put them through their torturous paces for months. Will the Racers get the answers they seek, or die in the attempt? Maybe both! $3.99

IDW Publishing

Ghostbusters International #11 W: Erik Burnham P:/CA: Dan Schoening

stl024877 We’re back in the City that Never Sleeps for the final battle between the Ghostbusters and a rogue immortal who wants nothing more than control over the legions of Hell and dominion over the whole world! (Which sounds like Tuesday to us.) If they save the world, will the Ghostbusters ever venture beyond the five boroughs again without a massive retainer? Find out here in the GHOSTBUSTERS: INTERNATIONAL terrifyingly fun grand finale! $3.99

MASK Mobile Armored Strike Kommand #1 W: Brandon Easton P: Tony Vargas CA: Tommy Lee Edwards Variant CA’s: Joe Suitor, Andrew Griffith, Blank Sketch Cover


Launching from the events of REVOLUTION! The M.A.S.K. team streaks into a dangerous, unstable landscape of dark wars, high intrigue and non-stop action where they’ll encounter the nearly unstoppable threat of Miles Mayhem and his black ops squadron known as V.E.N.O.M.  How will an untested Matt Trakker lead M.A.S.K. through a complex new world order where nothing is what it seems? Join writer Brandon Easton (Marvel’s Agent Carter), artist Tony Vargas (Rot and Ruin) and cover artist Tommy Lee Edwards for an exciting 21st century spin on the classic series where “illusion is the ultimate weapon!”
•   Part of the new Hasbro shared universe torn from the pages of Revolution!
•   Featuring variant covers by Sonny Liew (Dr. Fate) and Paul Pope!
•   Special back-up material in every issue written by Tommy Lee Edwards! $3.99

Revolution #5 W: Cullen Bunn P: Fico Ossio CA: Tradd Moore Variant CA: Brandon Peterson, Adam Riches


LAST STAND IN AUTOBOT CITY! It’s all come to this-TRANSFORMERS vs. ROM vs. MICRONAUTS vs. G.I. JOE vs. M.A.S.K. vs. the ultimate evil! The futures of Earth, Cybertron, and the Microverse will all be changed forever by the decisions made this day.
•   A universe of characters is born through REVOLUTION!
•   Not a reboot! Not a relaunch!
•   The TRANSFORMERS forever changed!
•   The return of G.I. JOE!
•   The MICRONAUTS in our universe!
•   Written by the writers of MICRONAUTS and TRANSFORMERS!
•   Illustrated by burgeoning superstar Fico Ossio! $3.99

TMNT Universe W: Paul Allor, Kevin Eastman, Tom Waltz, P: Damian Couceiro, Kevin Eastman, Bill Sienkiewicz CA: Freddie Williams II


The action-packed first arc of TMNT Universe comes to a close as the Raphael makes an impossible choice and Baxter Stockman’s surprise gambit takes effect!
•   Eastman and Sienkiewicz’s story takes a surprising turn! 

X-Files #8 W: Joe Harris P: Matthew Dow Smith CA: Menton3


“Came Back Haunted,” Part 3 of 4: In search of Mulder, Scully travels to Europe where each uncovers unpleasant secrets. And what connection does Firas Ben-Brahim have to both? $3.99

Image Comics

Deadly Class #24 W: Rick Remender P:/CA: Wesley Craig


Saya loses her flock of new wards, only to find them again surrounded by a Little Tokyo Yakuza kill crew.$3.99

Monstress #8 W: Marjorie M. Liu P:/CA: Sana Takeda


The hunt for answers takes Maika and her friends out to sea… $3.99

Romulus #2 W: Bryan Hill P:/CA: Nelson Blake


THE WORLD IS NOT FREE. As the dark truth of The Order of Romulus reveals itself, Ashlar faces death to stop them…but someone has come to help her, someone with a power that can set the entire world free, a power that has waited generations to find her. Will that power find her in time?   $3.99

Saga #40 W: Brian K. Vaughan P:/CA: Fiona Staples



“THE WAR FOR PHANG”: Part Four-It’s all fun and games until… $3.99

Seven to Eternity #3 W: Rick Remender P:/CA: Jerome Opena Variant CA: Farel Darylmple


The last Mosak charge headlong into battle against the Mud King and his terrifying guardian, the Piper. Will Adam join the fight, even though the Mosak were the cause of his family’s downfall? $3.99

Sex #33 W: Joe Casey P:/CA: Piotr Kowalski


Always in the end… it can begin again. $3.99

Shutter #24 W: Joe Keatinge P:/CA: Leila Del Duca


“SO FAR BEYOND”: Part Two-Huckleberry’s hard road of survival is finally revealed, setting up the series’ biggest revelations yet in next month’s 25th anniversary issue. $3.99

Surgeon X #3 W: Sara Kenney P:/CA: John Watkiss


“SURGEON’S GRAVEYARD”: Part Three-When Surgeon X’s brother, Lewis, hooks her up with some Indian black market pharmaceutical dealers, things don’t go as planned. Rosa is forced into doing a barbaric, historical surgical procedure against her will. But if Rosa’s underground surgery is to survive, she has to learn to play the game with the criminal kingpins of London-town. $3.99

Marvel Comics

Black Widow #8 W: Chris Samnee, Mark Waid P:/CA: Chris Samnee


•  Students of the DARK ROOM – the successor of the Red Room – are making their way into the world.
•  One young assassin has her sights set on a VERY high-profile target.
•  There’s no shortage of men prepared to stop her, and BLACK WIDOW will have to fight them all to save her. $3.99

Deadpool: Back In Black #4 W: Cullen Bunn P:/CA: Salvin Espin Variant CA: Ron Lim


• Deadpool’s 1980s adventures in the Venom symbiote continue!
•  First up – seduced by the semi-criminal wiles of The Black Cat!
•  Then – Kraven’s Second-to-Last Hunt! $3.99

Extraordinary X-Men #16 W: Jeff Lemire P: Victor Ibanez CA: Ken Lashley


The epic conclusion of “KINGDOMS FALL”!
•  Magik’s protégé, Sapna, has become possessed by THE WORLD-EATER, an extradimensional entity whose sole purpose is to live up to its name.
•  And Magik’s brother, Colossus, is under the thrall of one of the X-Men’s greatest adversaries, APOCALYPSE.
•  As the World-Eater bears down on Limbo, everything Magik cares about is on the line – her ward, her brother and the world’s surviving mutants.
•  What will it cost to save them all? $3.99

Ghost Rider #1 W: Felipe Smith P: Danillo Beyruth, Tradd Moore CA: Marco Checchetto


It’s hell on wheels as the Spirit of Vengeance makes his roaring return! A mysterious object from space crash-lands in southern California, drawing some of the brightest minds in the Marvel Universe to Ghost Rider’s backyard – including Amadeus Cho, the Totally Awesome Hulk! What mayhem will be unleashed as the High-octane Hothead comes face-to-face with the Jade Genius? And with Robbie still possessed by the ghost of his evil uncle Eli…who’s really in the driver’s seat? Then, meet the newest speed trap in Ghost Rider’s life as his original creators Felipe Smith and Tradd Moore reunite for a special backup story and the debut of an all-new villain. Strap in and start your engines, True Believer, this one’s gonna be a scorcher! $4.99

The Great Lakes Avengers #2 W: Zac Gorman P:/CA: Will Robson


• The Great Lakes Avengers are back together – almost! With their former leader Mr. Immortal still buried alive out in the middle of nowhere, the group struggles to find their footing under the uncertain guidance of Flatman.
•  And after a confrontation with some noisy super villain neighbors lands the entire team in jail, it’s all he can do to keep them together! $3.99

Guardians of the Galaxy #14 W: Brian Michael Bendis P:/CA: Kevin MacGuire


•  A flashback from Flash Thompson’s early days as a Guardian, co-starring SPIDER-MAN!
•  Will VENOM endanger his new team to save his old friend?!
•  Find out why Spidey’s one of the reasons Rocket hates Earth! $3.99

IvX #0 W: Charles Soule P:/CA: Kenneth Rocafort Variant CA: Ron Lim, Alan Davis


This issue sets the stage for the upcoming Inhumans vs. X-Men mega-event! Learn who the major players will be, plus the seeds of the incredible plan that will unfold in IVX #1. Beast and Iso travel the world to learn a desperate truth, the X-Men assemble their ranks and the Inhumans prepare for the war to come. It all begins with one choice – see it here. $4.99

Ms Marvel #13 W: G. Willow Wilson P: Mirka Adolpha CA: Joelle Jones


• It’s a new chapter for Kamala Khan! But it’s lonely out there for a super hero when Ms. Marvel’s loved ones no longer have her back.
•  Why is Kamala Khan on her own?
•  Plus it’s election time baby! Kamala gets out the vote! $3.99

New Avengers #18 W: Al Ewing P: Carlo Barberi CA: Julian Totino Todesco


• At the funeral of Roberto Da Costa, Advanced Idea Mechanics is declared officially dead.
•  In the wake of their ultimate mission, the New Avengers reassess their lives…and one of them hangs up their costume for good.
•  What could possibly follow this? $3.99

Old Man Logan #14 W: Jeff Lemire P: Filipe Andrade CA: Andrea Sorrentino



LOGAN will have to team up with the supernatural HOWLING COMMANDOS to unravel the mystery of why Jubilee has disappeared…but is he prepared for what this investigation will uncover? Follow the old man to ROMANIA and find out! $3.99

Star Wars Annual #2 W: Kelly Thompson P: Emilio Laiso CA: Mike Mayhew Variant CA: Elsa Charretier


Princess Leia is on a top-secret dangerous mission that brings her to a planet that wants no part of the war against the Empire. But when an injury threatens to end her mission, can she inspire that rebel spirit in those who just want to keep their heads down? Writer Kelly Thompson (A-FORCE) and artist Emilio Laiso (GODS OF WAR) bring us an all-new tale of Alderaan’s last monarch in action! $4.99

Thunderbolts #7 W: Jim Zub P: Izaakze CA: Kris Anka


Operate in the shadows long enough, someone is going to shine a light on you. Bucky didn’t think that person would be his best friend, Steve Rogers. Captured and separated from his team, Bucky is on his own. Where do his loyalties lie? Steve wants to know. Only Steve has secrets of his own. Plus, an original Thunderbolt returns! How will Songbird react to the reunion of her former team? $3.99

Totally Awesome Hulk #12 W: Greg Pak P: Mike Del Mundo CA: Terry Dodson


•  Black Panther brings out the heavy artillery to take on Amadeus Cho, the Totally Awesome Hulk!
•  When diplomacy fails two of the smartest guys on the planet, fists will just have to do! $3.99

Uncanny Inhumans #16 W: Charles Soule P: R.B. Silva CA: Jeff Dekal


• Auran, a long-dead Inhuman, has returned to life, but the world is not the one she left.
•  Or perhaps she’s not the woman who left the world.
•  As Auran tries to make sense of her new existence, shadowy forces move against Queen Medusa in the wake of her battles with Tony Stark in CIVIL WAR II. $3.99

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