Marvel Reveals More Info On X-Men Blue and Gold

Marvel has now revealed the teams for “X-Men Blue” and “X-Men Gold”. With these revelations any X-Man should be happy *snikt*!

Announced via IGN, X-Men Gold will be written by Green Lantern *(2011) scribe Marc Guggenheim and will have art from Ardian Syaf.It will make 0ld-school fans of the Chris Claremont years of Uncanny X-Men happy to see a roster featuring Kitty Pryde as team leader, Storm, Colossus, Nightcrawler, Rachel Grey and Old Man Logan. For those of you saddened to see her leave Guardians of the Galaxy she and the Gold team will be taking on a new incarnation of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.

“There’s more going on here than just another new Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, the umpteenth iteration,” Guggenheim says. “One of the things that I wanted to get back to and really sort of drill down is what does it mean to be a mutant in the 21st century, in a world where you’ve got Inhumans and you’ve had mutants for all this time and you’ve had M-Pox and Genosha and all the things that have happened to mutants throughout the years. Why does this racism still exist? In fact, the very first page sort of sets out my anti-mutant treatise. I really tried to put on my racism hat and justify hatred of mutants for the 21st century. And the brotherhood really plays into that.”


“X-Men Blue” on the other hand will be more like “All-New X-Men” with a twist. It will be written by current “Uncanny X-Men” writer Cullen Bunn with art by Jorge Molina. The stars of the book will be the original 5 from 1963 consisting of Cyclops, Iceman, Beast, Angel and Jean Grey taking a leadership role while the X-Men’s first villain: Magneto will be taking a mentor role in the team. “Magneto is the oldest enemy of these X-Men. This was the first ‘evil mutant’ that they battled way back in X-Men #1. And now here he is taking on this mentor role with them,” Bunn told IGN. That immediately raises a lot of questions. Why would these X-Men be working with him? What is he trying to accomplish now? Do they feel that he’s changed his ways? And that really is what I was excited about. It opened up a lot of really interesting questions for us. There’s some mystery involved in terms of why the X-Men are working with him and what they’re trying to accomplish. There’s a little bit of intrigue there because knowing Magneto, you know he’s got ulterior motives. He’s Magneto. The original five X-Men aren’t stupid. They know this. And maybe they have some ulterior motives of their own.”
When it comes to Jean Grey’s new leadership role, Bunn explained to IGN: “Jean is really the catalyst for bringing them all together… I kind of feel like readers of X-Men have always felt that Jean was supposed to be the leader of the team. And now Jean is definitely taking the leadership role in this group.”


To make things even better, BOTH books will be shipping twice-monthly giving the average comic reader Joe Q four issues a month. When it comes to the X-Men that is fantastic!  “X-Men Gold” and “X-Men Blue” will debut in April 2017 as part of the “RessurXion” initiative.

Source: CBR


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