Kevin Smith Open To Animated Adaptation of “Superman Lives” Script

Kevin Smith on a recent Live Facebook Q&A, said he would like to see his Superman Lives script adapted into an animated feature, especially if the original cast were interested in the project, stating, “that would be really amazing to kind of see, like they turn it into a cartoon and get the people to do the voices. Nic Cage is still around and stuff. And I wanted Michael Rooker for my Lex Luthor so that would be amazing. Um, but, you know, I’m game.”

Smith went on to say that an adaptation would ultimately be “up to the good folks at Warner Bros. and stuff, but if they were ever to call and say hey we want to do a cartoon version of that Superman script we wrote, believe me I’d be like, that’d be dope man.” Recently Smith has been participating in comic related projects, directing an episode of The Flash last Season titled “The Runaway Dinosaur” which has has been praised as one of the best episodes of the series and the most recent episode from Season 3 titled “Killer Frost”. He’s also directed an episode of the second Season of Supergirl aptly titled “Supergirl Lives”.


Source: CBR


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