WWE AND ME: Week of November 20, 2016

Hey, Queer Mabel (AKA Stephanie) here. Bringing with me my brand new WWE column. This is where I will sort of give you my thoughts on the week in WWE. What was good, what was meh, and what was so awful I wanted to claw my own eyeballs out. With NXT Takeover Toronto, Survivor Series, Raw, and Smackdown Live. This week was full of wrestling goodness so let’s get started:

What Was Good:

MY MATCH OF THE WEEK: NXT Takeover Toronto was pretty great overall but one match managed to be everything I love about wrestling inside of a singular bout. I speak of course about the NXT Tag Team Title match between the champs The Revival, and the challengers DIY. It had it all, So many cool reversals, heel moves getting caught by the ref, double submissions, multiple finishers, including tag team finishers, etc. It was well choreographed, well told in ring storytelling that made for one exciting as hell match. The best part? DIY are your new NXT Tag Team Champions!
The Intercontinental champion The Miz retains his title at Survivor series via his wife Maryse ringing the bell early as a distraction in a clear nod to the Montreal Screw Job. Miz and Maryse continue to be the best heels in the company.
The Wyatt Family and Orton story continues developing. Orton sacrifices himself to help Bray beat Team Raw at Survivor Series, and then on Smackdown they announce their entry into the fight for the #1 Contender spot for the Smackdown Tag Team titles.
Everything Fashion Police.
Dean Ambrose being told to leave the building on Smackdown but continually coming back in a new outfit acting like nothing happened.
Goldberg beating Brock Lesnar in under two minutes in a beautiful squash match at Survivor Series.

What Was Meh:

Shinsuke Nakamura vs Samoa Joe at NXT Takeover Toronto, great match, I just really hated Shinsuke losing…
The Brian Kendrick vs Kalisto at Survivor Series, Happy Kendrick retained his Cruiserweight Championship, but the match was kinda meh and ended with Corbin interfering and I just can’t get into Corbin.
Daniel Bryan as GM of Smackdown annoys me more than he excites me and as a former huge DBry fangirl, this makes me sad.

What Was Eye Clawing Bad:

Sami Zayn getting destroyed by Braun on Raw, just painful to watch, and utterly pointless. Sami deserves better.
Enzo’s nudity segment…why…just why? I think Vince hates Enzo, to be honest.

Final Thoughts:

This was a really solid week of WWE television. NXT Takeover Toronto was fantastic as those events usually are. With some moments not being mentioned in my wrap up above including Asuka vs Mickie James who made her long-awaited return to WWE and put on a spectacular match, and Bobby Roode having a god damn choir singing his theme as he came out to the ring.
Survivor Series was surprisingly fun as well, with the classic elimination matches being pretty damn fun, Sheamus and Cesaro, in particular, having some fantastic moments in the tag team elimination match. We even got a brief Shield Reunion when Dean screwed his own team to attack his nemesis/and SS teammate AJ with his former Shield Buddies Seth and Roman who were on the other team.
Raw…well Raw was Raw and just chugged along as the weakest show in WWE. And Smackdown continued being the place to go if you want to see why wrestling can be special.
Look wrestling can be absurd, wrestling can be trash, but at its high points wrestling is something truly special, the kind of special where you forget about its problems and fucking cheer your ass off cause James Ellsworth superkicks the WWE World Champion and beats him for the 3rd consecutive time. James fucking Ellsworth a local enhancement talent who the internet took a shine to and now is living the dream with an honest to god WWE contract. Or where you can’t help but root for The Miz a smug motherfucker who pretends to be a Hollywood A-lister, just because he can talk circles around half the roster and does shit like reference the Montreal Screw Job while cheating to win in Canada.Wrestling is trash but damn if it isn’t fun trash.


Where You Can Watch The Shows Mentioned Here:

NXT Takeover and Survivor Series are watchable on the WWE Network


While Smackdown and a shorter edited version of Raw are available to watch on Hulu.


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