What’s new with Civil War 2- issue #7

We’re reaching the end of this event and although the quality of much of the tie-in content has been mediocre at best I still enjoy this main title. This issue continues that for me, with Bendis continuing to give each character an individual voice in this book, making the fights feel almost too real. He continues to lean towards the talking side as opposed to the action which definitely works but really slows the book down (which could be for good or bad).Though even with that there is a pretty badass fight which is short and snappy which is part of what makes it so good. Elsewhere in the book, we get an interesting insight into Ulysses and the true potential of his powers in a way that may really makes you curious as to where it’s going.

The artwork continues to be the best thing about this book, Marquez and Ponsor make the book feel more dynamic and alive. Their creative flare continues here and this is especially true for the battle within the comic, every panel is gorgeous. The art style works particularly well with beams and blasts and bright lights and that is shown in full effect here. To top it all off there’s a few pages from my favorite artist and colourist pairing working in the industry right now (I won’t spoil the surprise). As always the pages which they create are absolutely beautiful.

All in all issue #7 is a solid issue and this book is ramping up to an interesting conclusion and especially given the last page issue #8 couldn’t come sooner.


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