Marvel Announces Black Bolt Ongoing As Part of Inhuman Line

After yesterday’s announcement of “Royals”, Marvel has capitalized on the hype train for that by announcing a book starring Black Bolt, King of the Inhumans which ironically after 40-50ish years is Black Bolt’s first ongoing series. Announced by iO9 with a creative team of novelist Saladin Ahmed, (“The Crescent Moon Kingdoms”) with art by Christian Ward (“The Ultimates”).

While “Royals” will follow the Inhuman Royal family plus some Nuhumans in space, “Black Bolt” will see the Inhuman king trapped in a mysterious prison packed with alien criminals. In order to escape his prison he’ll have to team up with unlikely allies.

“[H]e’s a very compelling guy, because he can’t speak,” said Ahmed who’s making his comics debut with the series. “He’s one of the most powerful characters in the Marvel Universe, really. Although we rarely see his power unleashed. It’s not like the Hulk’s sort of massive beat downs on a regular basis… rarely does he get his powers demonstrated. Nobody knows quite how powerful he is. Which intrigues people. But has not really been explored deeply. Part of his story is that he’s always — him and the Inhumans are a real family. And he always has people speaking for him and, you know, we never get deep into his head. That was kind of one of the challenges of working on a solo title.”

Ahmed says he gave a lot of thought to pitching to Marvel, and was intrigued when they offered him the Black Bolt” series. “[A]t the same time I had a back pocket pitch about incarceration, and some other stuff that was missing a piece. And I knew that the co-star of this [pitch] book was Crusher Creel, the Absorbing Man — it was a book about being locked up, basically. But I only had these very dim concept of this project, I didn’t know who the real star was. So when Marvel came to me and said, ‘Hey, would you consider doing a Black Bolt book?’, for plot reasons I can’t get into, it happened to sync up really well. This kind of nascent idea of a prison book I had. And they’re picking me for the Black Bolt book ended up linking really well for reasons that will only become apparent to the readers once we’re amidst the plotline.”

In addition to Absorbing Man, Ahmed added that there are a “few familiar faces that may pop up” in the series.

Look for “Black Bolt” #1 in Spring 2017.

Source: CBR


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