Best Halloween Movies Netflix 2016

This is a list based on recent Horror movies I’ve watched surfing Netflix’s horror selection. I won’t claim these movies approach the quality of classic horror, but all of them are either terrifying shocking or very well made.

latephases_posterLate Phases

Do you like Werewolves? do you like Daredevil? do you like incredible Practical effects and old person homes?

Seriously, Late Phases is a really effective practical Werewolf film with a really strong premise. A blind man, old, an angry veteran is left in a seniors community by his son and the first night his neighbor is attacked and so is he and his disabled assistance dog Shadow. Because he’s not an idiot he puts together that it’s a Werewolf . The next month is spent preparing for a showdown with the werewolf.

It’s very tense and well thought out on top of gorgeous special effect. As a Werewolf fanatic, this movie was all I needed and I hope the same goes for you.


Starry Eyes

Movies with throwback premises and soundtracks are not quite a dime a dozen but they come out frequently enough to almost be a sub-genre. Starry Eyes unlike a lot of these throwbacks occasionally piggybacking on nostalgia for the 80’s, this film is of a piece with the 70’s. The music is 70’s and the story is filled with early 70’s paranoia. Also, it’s about Satan, which isn’t a spoiler if you look at the poster. Starry Eyes explores the idea of Pride and loss humanity, and what is means to lose your namesake

Starry Eyes explores the idea of Pride and loss of basic humanity. Starry Eyes is indie horror coping a feel at it’s best.



While V/H/S suffers from the same problems all anthologies do it also gains the benefits. Segments 1, 3, and the final segments are all really well done freaky morsels of  genuine terror. The wraparounds and other segments might not be the most interesting or frightening they are not completely skippable. V/H/S is a great way to break up a horror marathon and perfect fun just on its own.

As always on Halloween, have fun. . . .




Honorable Mentions

  • ROOM 237
  • Holidays
  • The Invitation
  • HUSH
  • Baskin
  • The Babadook
  • From Dusk Til Dawn



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