Sixteen great films on Netflix Canada you probably haven’t heard about

It’s Sunday night and you want to watch a film. Like every other time you’re on Netflix, there’s nothing that really sticks out, so you browse, and you browse, and maybe add a movie or two to your queue that you’ll never watch. Maybe you end up watching that one movie you love so much for the hundredth time. But today is different. Today you want something fresh, something new, something you know nothing about. Here’s a list of sixteen of those films, all very different, all very good:

anomalisaAnomalisa” (2015) directed by Charlie Kaufman and Duke Johnson: a stop-motion animated film that tells a poignant human story about loneliness and depression. It’s also the only movie I’ve ever seen to feature puppet sex, and it works.

The Boy and the Beast” (2015) directed by Mamoru Hosada: this fantasy coming-of-age story is gorgeously animated and tells a great story about parenthood and belonging.

The Diary of a Teenage Girl” (2015) directed by Marielle Heller: a teenager’s journey toward sexual discovery feels both real and relatable. Minnie Goetz`s incredible performance alone will enthrall you.

holy-motors-posterHoly Motors” (2012) directed by Leos Carax: this surreal French drama features Denis Lavant in one of the greatest performances ever put on screen. It’s a movie about acting and truly losing yourself in your work and it will fuck with your expectations.

The Invitation” (2015) directed by Karyn Kusama: this films takes the spooky  diner invitation formula and creates a master class in tension building. The payoff is exceptional.

The Lobster” (2015) directed Yorgos Lantimos: imagine a world where you have 45 days to find a romantic partner if you are single or you will be turned into an animal . That is the setting of this absurd comedy-drama. It`s funny, it`s weird and it`s very good.

me_and_earl_and_the_dying_girl_ver6_xlgMe and Earl and Dying Girl” (2015) directed by Alfonso Gomez-Rejon: this coming-of-age story about friendship and illness and death has an incredibly selfish protagonist we were all at some point. It`s beautifully shot and it`ll make you cry.

mistress_america_xlgMistress America” (2015) directed by Noah Baumbach: this comedy has great writing, interesting and endearing characters and is just really funny. It will also make you question relationships, friendships and family.

mustang-1Mustang” (2015) directed by Deniz Gamze Ergüven: five preteen orphan girls in rural Turkey are taken out of school by their guardians to be trained and married off in this great story featuring amazing performances by all the girls.

o-brotherO Brother, Where Art Thou?” (2000) directed by Joel Coen and Ethan Coen: a retelling of Homer`s the Odyssey, this comedy about three dumb escape convicts going after a treasure is simply hilarious and features Georges Clooney at his best.

seven-psychopaths-movie-posterSeven Psychopaths” (2012) directed by Martin McDonagh: a delightful black comedy, it`s both a buddy movie and a serial killer film about a writer and the killings that inspire him. It`s also very Terantinoesque in the best way possible.

Tangerine” (2015) directed by Sean S. Baker: this film starz two black trans prostitutes in Los Angeles, is shot on an iphone, and has one of the best use of EDM in film. It will make you laugh and it will shock you by its bluntness.

wearethebestWe are the best!” (2013) directed by Lukas Moodysson: three young girls form a Punk band in early 80s Sweden in one of the coolest teen stories ever put on screen.

victoria-2015Victoria” (2015) directed by Sebastian Schipper: this film only has one single continuous shot and it creates an intensity to the film that is always palpable and an entirely unique experience.

the-witchThe Witch” (2015) directed by Robert Eggers: tense, beautiful, scary, oppressive, inspiring and a great coming-of-age story set in 1630 New England. It’s also worth seeing for Taylor-Joy’s performance alone.

p159825_d_v8_aaVolver” (2006) directed by Pedro Almodóvar: Penélope Cruz shines in very human story about a mother, her daughter, her mother and her sister. It’s also very beautifully shot and is just gorgeous to look at.


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