First Impressions: 6-Pack and Dogwelder HTH

(W) Garth Ennis

(A)  Russ Brown

(C)  John Kalisz

This book is essentially about the team of weird wannabe heroes called Section 8 and is a 6-issue miniseries.

I’ll begin with the writing and I can sum it up in two words- Garth Ennis. To expand on that I mean that the book is incredibly weird and hilarious. It does what section 8 has always done by making fun of superheroes in a way that is genuinely great whilst at the same time delivering a decent story.

The book delves more into the backstory of Dogwelder (the character who welds dead dogs to his enemies), about the life he had before becoming Dogwelder and this story leads to him meeting with a particular trench coat wearing, chain-smoking British character who reveals that there may be more to Dogwelder than meets the eye. And in the main story of the issue six pack is trying to get section 8 back together to solve the social injustices of the world, we get some funny scenes in their base (a seedy pub) and at the end we get the appearance of a character that’s completely out of left field who will make the next issue very interesting.

This book’s art really suits it, it’s kind of wack and gross but grounded at the same time which mirrors the book in a great way. The colours on the book are what really shine, especially in the last few pages.

Overall this issue was brilliant and I can hardly wait for whatever comes next.


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