Marvel Now, Now? Now!

Marvel’s relaunching a whole load of titles this Fall/Autumn and I’m here to give you my hot take on the relaunch


Thanos #1

[W] Jeff Lemire

(A)  Mike Deodato

My first choice is Thanos #1 and the premise for the book is a story about Thanos trying to reclaim his galactic empire after returning from Secret Wars casting him out of the Marvel Universe. For me, this book is exciting first and foremost because Jeff Lemire is my favourite writer and Mike Deodato is also great and with the two of them on a book, it’ll be very hard for them to go completely wrong. Aside from that, this book opens up a new avenue in the Marvel Universe which at the moment is only being touched by the ‘Ultimates’ book which is the far reaches of the universe with potential for a wide variety of interesting alien races and planets in addition to stuff to do with Eternals and Titans. Finally, the thing that I really love with these villain books is that we can actually get into the motivations of the character who the book is about, we can actually see why Thanos does what he does and exactly why he bothers to continue with keeping his iron grip on the universe.


Jessica Jones #1

[W] Brian Michael Bendis

(A) Michael Gaydos

My second choice is Jessica Jones #1, it’s basically more Alias and who doesn’t want more Alias? To get into more detail Bendis knows exactly what to do with the character, it’s exactly his kind of book and when Bendis has a book that suits him he’s amazing and I love his style. Although it isn’t a MAX story like the original it can still get away with implying dark stuff, especially with a clever writer like Bendis. An entirely different story from regular superheroes whilst still within the universe that I love is something amazing and the perfect palate cleanser from showy caped heroes

GOTG Grounded

GOTG Grounded

[W] Brian Michael Bendis

(A) Valerio Schiti

My third and final choice is GOTG Grounded, from what I can tell from promotional material, after the events of Civil War 2 the Guardians of the Galaxy are stuck on Earth and what’s interesting is that the Guardians of the Galaxy have never spent an extended stay on Earth. It also opens up some great comedic opportunities with character interactions with basic day-to-day life on Earth. It’s going to be interesting to have the potential to tell absolutely incredible stories with the guardians actually reacting to Earth events if it’s done right. It does come with high risk though as it does get rid of the usual palate-cleansing separation from Earth events but I have high hopes for there being a great payoff.

So there are my opinions- write in the comments what you’re most excited for.



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