Harrows Vs. Marvel Now 2016!

Marvel is relaunching again and some of the announced new series are fantastic looking and these are the ones I really feel hyped about. I cannot wait to hear what others think!


CAGE_COVER_final_1200_1822_81_sCage Mini Series

The Cage Miniseries, written and drawn by Genndy Tartakovsky is 70’s flashback to the classic Blacksploitation comics where Luke Cage started. The art alone is gorgeous and I cannot wait to look over each page in glee. I love the current Powerman & Iron Fist book and this book only makes me more amped about Netflix’s Luke Cage.


Jessica_Jones_Vol_1_1_TextlessJessica Jones

Sadly I was not the biggest fan of Netflix’s Jessica Jones overall. The character and the concept is interesting enough I went back read some of Bendis’s first work on Jessica Jones. Learning that Gaydos and Bendis are back after the character has a much wider appeal I cannot wait for this. My desire to read the rest of Jones in comics has increased in anticipation. Check out both Cage and Jessica Jones on October 5th.


I have no idea what this is and what it’s about but the cover art is amazing and everything looks completely uninteresting. Who knows, perhaps Mosiac will become my next favorite character.


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