Batgirl DC Rebirth #1

Batgirl Post rebirth written by Hope Larson, drawn by Rafael Albuquerque, is really good considering I did not read Barbara’s last adventure while still in the New 52. This first issue of DC’s soft reset within a reboot does not sink you down with what was happening before. There are plenty of small, throwaway references to the past but this story firmly brings back to Barbara after she has gone on a trip of self-discovery in Japan.

This first issue introduces a childhood friend who she reconnects with after being randomly placed in the same Hostel room. The first issue even shows an aged female Vigilante named The Fruit Bat who protects the island of Japan.

This first issue is fun and interesting with top notch art by the master that is  Rafael Albuquerque. However, I must stress that this is nothing like Babs Tarr and Stewarts Batgirl. . . So far, it’s not quite as inventive or CW-esqe as the previous run. The sense of identity that I felt was central to the Tarr-Stewart from issue one is not here yet.

Will I read issue 2?  yes. Mostly because the previous run made me love Batgirl and I want to continue following that character. If you like Batgirl and the neither the Stewart or Simone run did it for you I’d wait for reviews on the first trade by  Larson and Albuquerque.


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