Old Man Logan #5 review

Will this book ever run out of steam? (That was rhetorical, please never stop).

So, this issue is establishing the start of the ‘Bordertown’ story arc for OML and it sets up some interesting new things. Firstly the panels, art, colours and cover are all amazing, I cannot fault the art one bit, it fits the book and it’s just amazing anyway. This creative team works so well together and now this book actually really makes me want to go back and read the Lemire and Sorrentino Arrow run. Anyway, in this issue he encounters someone that he knew on his post-apocalyptic Earth as a child and luckily it manages to avoid being creepy and sets up a story where things could get really emotional for Logan. One of the things that I love about this book is how the flashbacks fill you in on the backstory whether you’ve read the original Old Man Logan or not and fills in some gaps that the original Old Man Logan left.

Now, it was a struggle to find anything negative but on the penultimate page, something slightly ambiguous happens which is slightly confusing but does hint at something interesting if it’s what I think it is. Finally, the final page reveal is slightly confusing and I only really knew the character after reading the solicits but I guess that adds to the mystery

Verdict: This creative team produces another amazing issue of Old Man Logan. 4.5/10.


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