First Impressions: Moon Knight

So, here’s what I thought of Moon Knight #1, as always there may be slight spoilers but nothing major and to be honest there’s not much to spoil in this issue.


The premise is that Marc Spector (‘Moon knight’, there’s inverted commas for a reason) is in a mental hospital for his Dissociative identity disorder (DIS).


First, I’ll talk about the artwork- it begins with a scene with Khonshu which is beautiful in every sense of the word, particularly with the vibrant colours and unique all white background. I am putting this up with Old Man Logan in terms of quality and I absolutely adore Old Man Logan’s art. Then at a certain point which is particularly relevant to the story, the art switches entirely and we’re pulled out of that fantasy world into reality in a way that’s incredibly effective. The muted colours with hints of vibrancy are just amazing- along with the brilliant formatting of the panels. Now I’ll stop gushing over the art and get to the story.

Moon Knight (2016-) 001-002

Throughout the book, there’s incredibly well-written dialogue between Spector and Khonsu which gives the reader a feeling of the relationship between the two characters. This issue has a lot of set-up and little action barring one badass ‘scene’ at the end the issue. This is fine, however as although there wasn’t any action I never really felt bored by the comic. It is truly intriguing and gives an insight into how damaged Marc Spector is and without giving too much away blurs the line between what is real and what is not in a way that’s intriguing where it could have been jarring.



In the end, this book is downright fantastic (if you didn’t already realise that), it’s intriguing and sets up a series with great potential. This book is totally different to other Marvel books and is in the same tier as Vision and I can’t wait for whatever comes next.




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