Furries Love it: Zootopia Review

The best buddy cop movie since 21 Jump Street is Zootopia. Disneys follow up to Wreck it Ralph (because the two have more in common) is colorful and sweet while being a legitimate Cop movie. Ginnifer Goodwin and Jason Bateman fulfill the Buddy Cop roles perfectly. I’d probably watch this film as a PG 13 or R-Rated comedy with the same cast not playing animals. The characterizations are so strong and the comedy bits are funny enough that I was thoroughly entertained. Even the action and suspense works, in part due the world of the film.

Zootopia takes place in a reality with no recognizable primates but Animals, specifically Mammals, have become somewhat Anthropomorphic and Predatory animals have figured out a way to not eat Prey Animals. It set ups a lot of interesting metaphors and dichotomies that show up throughout the film, these are very basic displays and should probably be treated as such.

The real heart of the movie really is the relationship between Goodwin and Bateman who have great vocal chemistry and the animation of these two characters really is excellent. Overall the film is competent enough not feel like a shovelware kids movies and feel like something very unique. It also does acknowledge the long past of Anthropomorphic Animals in Disney films.

Zootopia is a kids movie with a lot on its mind but it’s not the best at saying it. Despite this, it’s charming and fun while at moments being serious and even responsible for a slight tearing of the eyes. Go see it if you love animation.  You will not be disappointed

P.S. Be careful when searching for Fan art about this movie.



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